Title IX Bathroom Policies Signal the Death of the Rule of Law


Once we let the Feds define reality, the Rule of Law is DEAD!Though you have heard discussions of this issue until you have most likely tired of it, we can’t simply accept it and go on with our lives. The issue of transgenders being allowed in restrooms designated for the opposite sex is a death knell for the Rule of Law.

Our Department of Education is seeking to complete the destruction of our culture by overturning the known and promulgated meaning of Title IX that has been accepted since its inception.

Instead of preventing women from feeling harassed, violated or threatened, which is what Title IX has done until now, it is now being used as the vehicle of harassment for American females young and old. American citizens are being forced to legally accept the transgender’s sometimes fluid self-concept that is often at odds with the reality of their physical bodies.1

Americans are now being told they must accept as Truth words spoken, whether sincerely believed or not, whether consistently or fluidly held by any given individual. And we must spend millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars to alter facilities to reflect this new engineered “reality.”

It is the fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” on a national scale. It will do nothing to change the overwhelming majority’s common understanding of the Truth that men and women are different, but if meekly accepted, it will be the final nail in the coffin of the Rule of Law and our culture.

Foundationally, under the Rule of Law, every law requires two things:

1. The law must be commonly applied (cannot single anyone out).
2. It must be knowable (promulgated and experiential).

The new unconstitutionally mandated bathroom policies must not be accepted as law. They violate both tenets of law (common and knowable) because the gender identification in question is not knowable by anyone else’s experiential reality, and a specific exemption is required by its implementation. Furthermore, they mandate that sexual harassment laws should consider the perpetrator’s subjective interpretation rather than simply the facts of the case.

Call or write your school superintendent & ISD Trustees: ask them to reject this new interpretation of Title IX. Demanding that we all accept the delusion of a few individuals at the expense of all girls’ and women’s privacy and safety violates both tenets of law [applicable to all (common) and knowable] as well as the intended purpose of Title IX.

How does any law hold up if a perpetrator can claim a personal exemption that is unverifiable by any third party assessment?
What does it say about our commitment to Truth and Freedom if we allow a Federal bureaucrat to re-define reality itself at whim?

1 http://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/public-bathroom-regulations-could-create-a-title-ix-crisis

Also read: http://spectator.org/the-rise-of-the-new-patriarchy-what-is-the-point-of-title-ix/