The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America | 1999 | Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


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INTERVIEW: Geoff Metcalf with former U.S. education adviser Charlotte Iserbyt

by Tom DeWeese
web posted February 19, 2001

From the Article:

In 1990, Dr. M. Donald Thomas outlined the new education system in an article that appeared in The Effective School Report entitled “Education 90: A Framework for the Future.”

“From Washington to modern times, literacy has meant the ability to read and write, the ability to understand numbers, and the capacity to appreciate factual material. The world, however, has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. The introduction of technology in information processing, the compression of the world into a single economic system, and the revolution in political organizations are influences never imagined to be possible in our lifetime.

Dr. Thomas provided the blueprint for today’s education system that is designed to:

  • De-emphasize academic knowledge;
  • Establish the one-world agenda with the United Nations as its center, moving students away from a belief in national sovereignty, i.e., patriotism;
  • Replace individual achievement with collectivist group-think ideology;
  • And invade the family authority with an “It takes a village” mind-set.

These ideas permeate every federal program, every national standard, every textbook and every moment of your child’s school day. It explains why today’s children hasn’t any time to actually learn the fundamentals we call the Three R’s.

Without a strong basic education, today’s children are mere pawns in the hands of those who have a far different world in mind than the one in which the first generations of Americans set the nation on its path to high achievement. It is not for nothing they are called Gen-X’rs, the tenth generation of Americans and, for those setting educational policy, perhaps the last to pledge allegiance to one nation, under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all

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