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Democracy in America | 1935 & 1940 | Alexis de Tocqueville & VIDEO: How to Read Tocqueville

Read Online: Vols. 1 & 2: html  |  Download:  zip archive   |   ePub  |  Kindle version

Full Book Audio by GreenAudioBooks YouTube:   Vol 1  |  Vol 2

Great Acton Lecture (9/29/2016): How to Read Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America

by Dr. John D. Wilsey
Assistant Professor of History and Apologetics, Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary
John D. Wilsey serves as assistant professor of history and Christian apologetics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He teaches primarily in the Seminary’s fully accredited B.S. program offered to offenders serving life sentences at the Darrington Unit, a maximum security state facility. He is the author of several articles and editorials, as well as One Nation Under God: An Evangelical Critique of Christian America (Pickwick, 2011), and American Exceptionalism and Civil Religion: Reassessing the History of an Idea (IVP Academic, 2015).


Dan Bongino
Dan Bongino
rss-icon_35Renegade Republican

Former Secret Service Agent, NYPD veteran, and New York Times best-selling author Dan Bongino tackles the hot political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.  |  
30 minutes.  

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Charles C. W. Cooke
Charles C. W. Cooke @charlescwcooke

Kevin D. Williamson
Kevin D. Williamson @KevinNR
rss-icon_35Mad Dogs & Englishmen

National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke and Kevin D. Williamson discuss world events.
40-45 minutes.

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Mona Charen
Mona Charen

Jay Nordlinger
Jay Nordlinger
rss-icon_35Need to Know

National Review’s Mona Charen and Jay Nordlinger discuss the news of the week. Jay Nordlinger and Mona Charen–sometimes just the two of them, sometimes with guests–will explain what’s wrong with the world (usually liberals) and how to fix it.  
40-70 minutes.

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John Hinderaker
John Hinderaker

Paul Mirengoff
Paul Mirengoff
No Twitter account.

The Power Line Blog’s Podcast: John Hinderaker, Paul Mirengoff, Scott Johnson, and Steven Hayward bring you the Power Line Blog’s perspective on the week’s big headlines. 
40-70 minutes.

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Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson

Steven Hayward <a href="">@scottwjohnson</a>
Steven Hayward

Larry Kudlow
Larry Kudlow

Fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty
Gov. Tim Pawlenty
rss-icon_35 Money & Politics

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty discuss the issues of the day in an unrehearsed and informal chat.   
20-40 minutes.

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John J. Miller
John J. Miller
rss-icon_35The Bookmonger

10-15 minute interviews with today’s top authors on current events, politics, history, and more.

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Video Links

Conservative Video Series

Bill-Whittlex150twitter-bird-trns_32@BillWhittle Bill Whittle Videos:



Ginni Thomas Interviews



Uncommon Knowledge Videos
with Peter Robinson from Hoover Institute

Conversations with Bill Kristol

Robin’s Don’t Miss Videos

Conversations with Bill Kristol:

Great interview with Jonah Goldberg about the Trump phenomenon, includes discussions of conservatism, TEA Parties as affected by this populism, and ends with a discussion of books and essays that address the history of populism and conservatism.

Link to Conversation with Jonah Goldberg webpage includes complete interview of 1 hr 32 min, as included above, as well as the interview in 4 parts (click on links start top video. Will begin at proper place). Also included are other media versions of the interview: Transcripts  |  Podcast version of the interview is available to Members Only–Free to sign up.

  1. On Trump & Conservatism (00:15 – 41:02)
  2. Liberal Fascism Revisited (41:02 – 57:38)
  3. Liberalism, Conservatism and 2016 (57:38 – 1:16:03)
  4. Suggested Reading (1:16:03 – 1:32:20)

Uncommon Knowledge:

If you only watch one of these two Sowell videos, please watch this one. It was filmed immediately after President Obama’s 2014 SOTU address. In this video, they talk economics, of course, but Robinson asks and receives honest answers on various issues of import today including the following: Housing Bubble & subsequent economic recession, The Depression, Dodd-Frank Bill, Immigration, the Welfare State, etc. 43 minutes.

Thomas Sowell Brings the World into Focus through an Economics Lens
Interview with Thomas Sowell via Uncommon Knowledge
Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wealth, Poverty, And Politics
Interview with Thomas Sowell via Uncommon Knowledge
Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Poverty in America and the Welfare State