Privacy Policy


E-Mail: Make Austin Listen does not sell or release the e-mail addresses of members of the public that have been provided to communicate electronically with a governmental body without the affirmative consent of the affected member of the public. Personally identifiable information contained in a question or comment sent to Make Austin Listen in an e-mail message or submitted in an online form is used by Make Austin Listen only to respond to the request. Make Austin Listen may redirect the message to another person or entity who is in a better position to answer the question.

Web-Based Forms: Make Austin Listen uses web-based forms to collect subscription information, , and provide a method to contact legislators. Personally identifiable information collected from these forms has a specified use (for example, subscriptions require an e-mail address in order for the recipients to receive their information), and Make Austin Listen uses the information only for that purpose. Each web-based form that requests personal information contains a link to this privacy policy.

Cookies:  Make Austin Listen website may use cookies to provide interactive pages, such as web-based search forms. The TLC does not use the information for other purposes.