Annexation Reform


The 2017 Special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott begans on July 18, 2017.
Click here for an informative article from Texas Tribune on the format of a 30-day Special Session.

Now through Election Day, Tues., 11/7/2017, is when your legislators are MOST attentive to your concerns.
Be sure to let your legislators know your stance on this issue during Special Session this July - August!
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Comprehensive Resource - Chapters linked below: Ending Forced Annexation in Texas: Hon. Jess Fields & James Quintero, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Center for Local Governance (July, 2015)

Executive Summary   |   Introduction   |   Creation of Home Rule Annexation Authority   |   Harris County Annexation War   |   General Law Annexation   |   Home Rule Annexation   |   Case for Self-determination   |   Philosophical Case Against Annexation   |   Economic Case Against Annexation   |   Social Case Against Annexation   |   Fiscal Implications of Involuntary Annexation   |  Constitutional Questions of Annexation  | Regulatory Takings Inherent in Annexation   | Equitable Solution for Annexation Reform in TX   | Proposal for Voluntary Annexation   |   Proposal for City-Initiated Annexation with Fewer Than 200 Residents   |   Procedures for City-Initiated Annexation of an Area Containing 200 or More Residents   | Other Proposed Changes to Statute   | Reverse Intergovernmental Aid   | Conclusion   |   Endnotes   |   About Authors & Texas Public Policy Foundation


Involuntary Annexation, (pdf), section of 2017-18 TPPF Legislators Guide.

Ending Forced Annexation in Texas, (pdf), TPPF, Quintero & Fields (July, 2015)

Ending Forced Annexation:(pdf), TPPF One pg. w/arguments & links (March, 2017)

Municipal Annexation - TX Statutes

Involuntary Annexation: Wrong for Texas,  James Quintero, (March 31, 2016)

Annexation and BRAC Talking Points (pdf) by James Quintero for House Hearing Defense and Veterans Affairs

Background Info: Texas Annexation Reform & the Military,  Provided by Molly (June, 2017)

Texas Land Grab: Annexations Trample Property Rights, Watchdog Texas, Kenric Ward via TPPF (8/27/2015)

Local Governance Panel: Forced Annexation a Threat to Liberty, TPPF, Eric Martinez, includes Panel video on YouTube. (January, 21, 2015)


San Antonio Voted to Annex His Home. Now He's Hoping the Special Session Will Give Him a Say, Texas Tribune, Kirby Watson (June 15, 2017)

How Nine Property Owners Resisted Austin’s Annexation Efforts— and Won, My Statesman, Lilly Rockwell, 11/26/2015.

Isn't It Time to
End Forced Annexation in Texas?

From Texas Public Policy Foundation's 2017 Special Session Legislator's Guide

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The Facts

  • America was founded on the idea that citizens cannot be deprived of their liberty without representation and due process. The injustice of “taxation without representation” is not rectified by giving a citizen the right to vote after the government has already taken his or her money.
  • Citizens who prefer a smaller government and fewer central services live outside the city limits for a reason. Forcing citizens to become part of a city denies them the ability to vote with their feet.
  • Cities view annexation as a way to expand their tax base and capture additional revenue, whether or not such annexation increases efficiencies. Wealthier suburbs are thus favored for annexation, although poorer areas outside of the city limits can oftentimes benefit more from municipal annexation since these communities frequently lack sufficient services.
  • Cities often underestimate how much it will cost to expand their services to annexed areas, resulting in a dilution of services. Researchers Mary Edwards and Yu Xiao reported in the Urban Affairs Review that cities are typically required to take out debt and issue bonds to finance the costs of annexation. The San Antonio Police Officers Association vocalized this concern in opposition to the city’s 2015 annexation plan, with the president of the union stating, “I think it’s [annexation] a horrible idea. We’re barely covering what we’ve got right now.
  • Forced annexation means that those annexed have a new government forced upon them by city officials they did not elect, to pay off debt they did not run up, and to finance services they do not want.


  • Require a vote of affected residents and property owners prior to a municipal annexation. If the vote does not pass, the city should not be permitted to annex the area.
  • Review the disannexation process to ensure that previously annexed citizens can enforce municipal promises to extend services to annexed areas, without the necessary involvement and approval of the Texas attorney general.
  • Stop cities from wrongfully extending their extraterritorial jurisdiction through impermissible interpretations of their development agreements.

VIDEO: No Voice, No Vote: Forced Annexation in Texas: TX Sen. Donna Campbell, Hon. Phil Gramm, TX Rep. Dan Huberty. Moderated by Hon. Chuck DeVore, VP of National Initiatives, Texas Public Policy Foundation.