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Please Note: The Interim before the 2017 Legislative session is the best time to discuss issues with your legislators. 

Now through Election Day on Tues., 11/3/2016, is the time your legislator is MOST attentive to your concerns and issues. Please click on the Red Apple Project’s School Choice banner above and easily contact your Texas legislators now!

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A general diffusion of knowledge being essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.

How true that is, and how badly have we failed our children, our citizens, and our culture.

Our schools are propagandizing our children in values and beliefs often quite different from their parents, but not teaching a majority of them reading, writing, arithmetic, geography, history, or civics.

Our colleges spend a good part of their money and time on remediating the skills of incoming students.

We believe that the current trajectory of our Nation, economically, politically, and socially is a regressive one leading to a lack of real opportunities for everyone. The single most important issue we must address is the an educational system that must teach our children the history and thought behind our Founding which resulted in a Nation that was not only historically significant, but exceptional throughout history as well.

For these reasons, Make Austin Listen fully supports the reform of our public schools, as well as the focus, passion, vibrancy, and competition that universal choice in education will bring to Texas students.  Free citizens, parents and students, should all be able to utilize the best schools for their needs.

TER Educational Reforms We Support

A-F School Ratings: Rates each public school campus on an A-F standard that parents and the entire community can easily understand.

Parent Empowerment: (Also: Let parents hold Texas schools accountable) Strengthens Texas’ current parent empowerment law by shortening the current wait period from five to two consecutive years of school failure, allowing parents to petition to intervene in their child’s chronically failing public school in time to bring meaningful change.

Local Control School District: Makes it easier for school districts to innovate at the local level by streamlining and clarifying current state law on local control.

Opportunity School District: Establishes a special statewide school district – an “Opportunity School District” – to turn around and improve chronically failing public schools.

Teacher Evaluation & Development: Improves the state’s teacher development policies by providing an annual evaluation and meaningful feedback focused on improving student educational growth.  Creates and supports customized professional development opportunities for individual teachers and allows school districts to develop compensation policies that reward excellent teachers.

Student Transfers & Transportation: Affirms a parent’s right to request a transfer to any public school in their school district. Provides every parent the information they need regarding public school options and funds districts to provide transportation to enable student transfers.

Course Access & Digital Learning: Increases the access of all Texas students to approved online courses and programs.

Assessments and Accountability: Creates the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability to study, develop, and make recommendations for new systems of student assessments and public school accountability.

TPPF StudyTexas School Finance: Basics and Reform
by Kent Grusendorf, Talmadge Heflin, Michael Barba, Vance Ginn / Mar 31, 2016

School finance should value each student the same
by Kent Grusendorf / Apr 11, 2016

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by Kent Grusendorf, Talmadge Heflin, Michael Barba, Vance Ginn
Mar 31, 2016 

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