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VIDEO Link: Labor Unions in TX: Fair and Balanced?

5 Reasons Why Texas Needs Union Dues Reform (Paycheck Protection), Charles Blain, Empower Texans, February 9, 2016

Paycheck Protection (Stop Gov't Collection of Union Dues) from Texas Public Policy Foundation 2017 Special Session Edition, Legislator's Guide to the Issues (July 10, 2017).

State Labor–Management Policy and the Texas Model, by Stanley Greer, Texas Public Policy Foundation (Feb. 2015).

The Texas Miracle and Labor Policy, by Bill Peacock, Texas Public Policy Foundation (April 2015).

Worker Freedom Fights to Follow in 2016, by, January 4, 2016

Paycheck Protection: What are Union Dues used for?
Americans for Prosperity, Need to Know

Paycheck Protection is About Morality, Not CostCommentary by Reps. Bryan Cutler, Jerry Knowles, Eli Evankovich, Joe Emrick (February 17, 2015).

Special Treatment for Unions
by Charles Blain of  Empower Texans & Restore Justice USA
February 10, 2016
Empower Texans

Paycheck Protection, Americans for Prosperity, Need to Know.

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Paycheck Protection: Prohibiting governments from collecting union dues is in the 2016 Texas Republican Party Platform:  2016 Texas GOP Platform, Plank 197, p. 19.

Excerpts from Paycheck Protection in TPPF's 2017 Special Session Edition of the Legislator's Guide to the Issues:

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(M)any states have already adopted laws prohibiting state and local governments from collecting union dues…” with “statutes (that)… require public union officials to make their own arrangements with union members regarding dues collections, rather than rely on the public employer to deduct union dues automatically out of employee paychecks…”

“The experience of these states in the relatively short time that the bans on automatic payroll deduction have been in effect suggests that… once employers cease collecting union dues out of their paycheck at taxpayers’ expense, and union leaders have to take active measures to continue bankrolling their union, public employee union members conclude the organization does not merit their financial support after all.

The Facts

•  Texas’ government unionization rate is roughly 20 percent.

•  Currently the state of Texas collects dues on behalf of public sector unions.


Prohibit government deduction of union dues from public workers’ paychecks.

Charles Blain, Empower Texans
5 Reasons Texas Needs Paycheck Protection, Empower Texans,
by Charles Blain, Feb. 9, 2016

Read Charles' entire article here.

(Summary from Charles Blain's article )

1. Taxpayer resources should never be used for partisan politics
"Interestingly, (Government employee unions) campaign contributions are almost exclusively doled out to Democrats — and in some cases — liberal Republicans who often promote government interests, not that of taxpayers."

2. Collection of political money by public officials creates a conflict of interest
"The fact that unions lobby, donate, and campaign for the same public officials they negotiate with for their own contracts creates, at the very least, the appearance of a conflict of interest."

3. Local government unions wield too much political power
"(T)he SEIU has utilized intimidation and scare tactics to bully business owners and officials to sway decisions in their favor."

4. Paycheck Protection laws empower employees
Paycheck protection bills increase employees’ ability to control exactly where their money is going, by allowing them decide whether or not to support their union’s political cause.

5. Government unions aren’t transparent
"In the private sector, labor unions must file annual financial reports disclosing how their dues are spent. But public sector unions aren’t held to the same disclosure standard — even though taxpayer funds finance their activity."

Read Charles' entire article here.

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Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF), Policy Orientation 2016
Thursday, 01/07/2016, Moderated by Bill Peacock, V. P. of Research & Director, Center for Economic Freedom, TPPF
TX Sen. Paul Bettencourt, Chairman, Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief, Texas State Senate; Rick Levy, Secretary-Treasurer, Texas AFL-CIO;  Annie Spilman, Legislative Director, Nat'l Federation of Independent Business – Texas; Vincent Vernuccio, Director of Labor Policy, Mackinac Center for Public Policy