Texas Cities Think They Own Your Trees

“Municipal tree-cutting ordinances are more than a nuisance; they effectively seize the property impacted by the
regulation. If a landowner wishes to remove a tree in order to construct an improvement— such as a backyard
swing set—and cannot, that area has been taken by the government without any compensation.”

~ Rob Henneke and James Quintero in the Austin American-Statesman

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BREAKING NEWS (7/14/17): Texas AG Ken Paxton releases Opinion on Texas Tree Ordinances in response to
Sen. Donna Campbell's Request for an Opinion on the Constitutionality of Municipal Tree PreservationOrdinances.


Texas Public Policy (TPPF)

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Gov. Greg Abbott during 2017 85th Texas Session

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Constitutionality Opinion Request

Request to AG for an Opinion on the Constitutionality of Municipal Tree Preservation Ordinances

TPPF Applauds Request for Opinion on Private Tree Ownership, TPPF, by James Quintero, Robert Henneke (June 13, 2017)

Local Overregulation: Tree-Cutting Ordinances

Downloadable pdf of this great content from TPPF's Center for Local Governance.

“Few things are more important in Texas than private property rights. Yet some cities are telling citizens that you don’t own some of the things on your property that you have bought and purchased and owned for a long time. Things like trees. This is a form of collectivism.” ~ TX Gov. Greg Abbott

Over-regulation of Trees
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From The California-zation of Texas: Tree-Cutting Ordinances, TPPF's 2017-17 Legislator's Guide, Special Session Edition.

The Facts

Approximately 50 Texas cities have adopted burdensome regulations that restrict or prohibit a property owner’s right to prune or remove trees on their land, according to the Texas Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture.

•   It is generally recognized that private property rights include ownership of the natural resources contained within the land. As John Locke states in the Second Treatise of Civil Government: “As much land as a man tills, plants, improves, cultivates, and can use the product of, so much is his property.

•   Article I, Section 17 of the Texas Constitution states “No person’s property shall be taken, damaged or destroyed for or applied to public use without adequate compensation being made.


To better protect landowners and strengthen private property rights, the Texas Legislature should prohibit local governments from preventing the trimming or removal of trees or timber located on a landowner’s property.