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Texas Special Session and Responsive Citizen Activism

July 18 – Aug. 16, 2017

The Texas Special Session called by Governor Abbott will begin on July 16, 2017 and will end on August 16, 2017.  If you are up-to-date on citizen activism and the issues in it, please scroll to bottom for our 2-part SURVEY.

If you would like to take our Texas special session survey, but have not received an email through Make Austin Listen with the password, please email me at robin(at)MakeAustinListencom . Change at to @,  and add a dot before com.

Please involve your Conservative friends & neighbors in this Texas Special Session. It is an important 2nd chance to pass conservative legislation that didn’t make it through during the regular session.

The Left and their Lobbyists will be out in full force in the July – August Texas Special Session! 

We need as MANY conservatives as possible who will: Call, Email, Post on Facebook, & Tweet when it counts most. Read SB 715 Annexation Reform (Sen. Campbell) to learn how citizen activists successfully worked with Rep. Dan Huberty to get this important Freedom legislation out of the House Calendars committee with responsive activism.

It may not hurt to cordially remind them of it. (“Talk Softly; Carry a BIG Stick.)

The BEST TOOLS in the Citizens Activist toolbox

  • VISIT your Rep. & Sen. in Austin, and/or
  • Go to AUSTIN:
    • TESTIFY before a Committee.
    • REGISTER your support in the Capitol building to help get the bills out of committee.

NOTE: If you are catching up on the Texas Special Session details and looking for more information, please visit our Background page for the Governor’s 19 minute video calling the Special Session and detailing all 20 issues, as well as links to learn more about them.

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Please CLICK HERE to take  for  Survey Part 1 for Items 1 – 10.


When you complete Part 1,  CLICK HERE for Survey Part 2 for items 11 – 19.Uncle Sam - Take Survey 2 image