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       IMPORTANT NOTE: How to Spot a Pay-to Play Slate in Harris County
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Conservative Columnists

twitter-bird-trns_32Charles Blain
twitter-bird-trns_32Core Municipal Report by Bill Frazer - Focusing on Houston City finances.
twitter-bird-trns_32Greg Groogan
Watch "What's Your Point?" on Fox 26
Thursdays at 5:30 pm CT
twitter-bird-trns_32Big Jolly Politics
Charles Kuffner Chronicle archive (behind paywall)
Off the Kuff (Charles Kuffner blog)
Liberal but comprehensive site)

twitter-bird-trns_32Mike Morris  (Behind Chronicle paywall)
twitter-bird-trns_32Florian Martin  Houston City Hall
Rebecca Elliotttwitter-bird-trns_32Houston City Hall: Behind Chronicle paywall
twitter-bird-trns_32Cory Crow
twitter-bird-trns_32Colleen Vera (Texas Trash Talk-Harris County GOP)
twitter-bird-trns_32 Vlad Davidiuk (State, Harris Co., & National)
The Political Chicken - (Kelley Horsley)

Judicial Blog

twitter-bird-trns_32Life at Harris Co. Criminal Justice Ctr Blog